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New Government & Now A New Bourse

Myanmar is ready to launch its first capital market exchange next month but it won’t be in full operation until next year. This development has been in the making now for over two years. Currently, the Vietnam exchange already has hundreds of company listings whereas Laos has four and Cambodia two. The Stock Exchange Thailand (SET) is working with Myanmar ... Read More »

Historic Win: The Lady Triumphs !

The NLD has enough seats in both houses of Parliament without having to seek support from any other party. Now the difficult task of transition, deal making, negotiations and creation from a military controlled government to one where the military has noticeably less influence. The last free election resulting in a landslide for the NLD in 1990 was overruled by ... Read More »

Still Waiting for the Final Count

The results continue to slowly come in from last Sunday’s election. It could take several days for the full result. The NLD so far has 143 of 158 seats declared. There are a total of 664 in both upper and lower houses of Parliament. Yesterday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon congratulated the Myanmar people for their patience, dignity and enthusiasm ... Read More »

National League for Democracy is Confident

The National League for Democracy (NLD) is confident of victory as it heads for what appears to be a landslide victory. The ruling Union Solidarity & Development Party is conceding defeat. However, Myanmar is still awaiting results of vote counts from 5 states but the NLD has 80% of the votes from the densely populated central regions of Myanmar. It ... Read More »

Still Counting Election Votes…

Myanmar is still counting the votes from Sunday’s election. Final results aren’t expected until early this week, possibly even later Monday. This is the first openly contested national election that Myanmar has had in 25 years. Stay tuned here for the outcome. Read More »

National Elections on Sunday Nov. 8th !

Current President Thein Sein assured Myanmar and the international community that his government and the military will respect the results of Sunday’s election. The election is expected to be won by Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party despite her being barred from becoming president herself due to a provision in the constitution. Read More »

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