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Ananda Ok Kyaung: Unfold the Mystery

 Ananda Ok Kyaung: Unfold the Mystery

Ananda Ok Kyaung

Ananda Ok Kyaung is often described as a small sanctuary or “vihara” located to the west of the northern entry of Ananda temple. It was built in the year 1137 and its name means “Ananda Brick Monastery”. It is smaller in size compared to the Ananda temple.

Though the Ananda temple remains the main attraction of the area, this little chapel (read Ananda Ok Kyaung) has turned out to be a fascinating discovery for travelers as well. It is distinguished by detailed 18th century murals, marked by vibrant green and red colors reflecting the details of regular Bagan life. Its interiors are filled with paintings. Visitors often describe the Buddha temples as “special in their own way”. Ananda Ok Kyaung, no doubt, remains one of those special monasteries of Bagan.

Like all its contemporaries, this temple combines the best values of creativity and innovation and stands testimony to the richness of Bagan art. One of the biggest advantages of this monastery (as per visitors’ account) is that there are lesser crowds as most of the tourists throng the main Ananda temple. However, as per some tourists it remains difficult to illustrate the primary features of this temple. This might be considered to be a disadvantage as you are unable to get a quick heads up on the place before visiting it. However, in that case, you can always treat it as a surprise that is best unfolded later when you actually get to see it. You would probably want to see Ananda temple when you’re in Bagan but it’s advisable not to give this one a miss as well.

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