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Myanmar Beaches


Myanmar Beaches The Republic of Myanmar can certainly give the hot tourist destinations a run for their money when it comes to beaches. A long coastline that stretches for about 2500 kilometers is dotted with exquisite beaches that are unspoiled by the din and clutter, associated with popular tourist spots. Some of the best beaches lie to the east of ... Read More »

Myanmar Shopping and Markets


Myanmar Shopping And Markets The Southeast Asian country, ‘Republic of the Union of Myanmar,’ known as Burma formerly is a shopper’s paradise. While a number of markets and shopping destinations will delight you with its unique hand crafted items and other wares, the prices of these exquisite artifacts are bound to leave you spellbound too! It is exceptionally cheap in ... Read More »

The Cheroot


The Cheroot Cheroot is a kind of cigar that is highly popular in Myanmar. In fact, it is so common to see the general populace of Myanmar puffing away at cheroots that it has been described as a facial feature of the Burmese tribes. They are also economical and can be rolled out by hand. This makes them a preferred ... Read More »

The Naga Tribe


The Naga Tribe The Nagas are a special tribe of people inhabiting the North East of India as well as Myanmar. While an entire state has been attributed to the tribe in India, the number of Nagas in Myanmar is considerably less in number (around 100,000). They are found in the Western region of Sagaing Division of the country. The ... Read More »

The Religion of Myanmar


The Religion Of Myanmar Myanmar is a country populated by people who practice Buddhism mostly. Theravada Buddhism is the most popular form of religion here although Muslims, Hindus, and Christians form a part of the present population as well. Animism is an important part of Burmese religion too and many festivals as well as the rituals are observed according to ... Read More »

Trekking in Myanmar


Trekking in Myanmar The beautiful land of Myanmar can be a veritable paradise when it comes to trekking. Regardless of the route you take, the journey is bound to be fraught with adventure and the scenic beauty of the roadside is sure to keep you mesmerized. It is possible to interact with the local villagers in Eastern Myanmar as well ... Read More »



Yangon Introduction Yangon, formerly Rangoon is the commercial hub of Myanmar. Yangon was the capital of Myanmar till 2006 when the capital was sifted to Naypyidaw. Located at the southern banks of River Irrawady, 40 kilometers from the Gulf of Martaban, Yangon is the largest of all the cities in Myanmar. Yangon people experience a warm and humid climate with ... Read More »

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