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Bulethi Climb and Rise High

Bulethi: Climb and Rise High


Bulethi is one of the well known tourist attractions of Bagan and is located almost around its center. It remains one of the favorite spots of trippers who love to photograph since the surrounding pagodas and countryside afford ample opportunities for photographers to add some interesting shots to their collection.

The Bagan plain is home to around two thousand stupas and temples. One can easily photograph these remnants of the now-disappeared city from the Bulethi stupa. Those who have already been there emphatically describe the panoramic view that is at once spectacular and unforgettable. So those of you all packing your bags for Myanmar should, at no cost, miss out on visiting it.

Visit this place for a brilliant view of sunrise. People perched in hot air balloons soaring high above you might as well greet you with warm waves amidst the desirable exuberance exuded by the mighty rising sun! It might take a steep climb atop the masterpiece, but once you reach there you’re immediately welcomed by the view that has so far been described here. So it’s definitely worth taking the trouble!

You can find more reviews about this place online. Though very little is said about the “temple architecture” you might as well be able to dig out a lot about the surroundings and the splendid view of sunrise. But if you are actually planning to visit the place soon, we would advise you against reading too much about the sight since the element of surprise would be missing in that case!

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