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Daung Hill

Daung Hill

Daung Hill

Daung Hill is a famous tourist spot though it has lost some of its glory in the recent times which the government is trying to restore. Located in the Kayin state of southern Myanmar the hill station on the Daung Hill was a famous retreat during the British colonial period. It was opened in 1900 and covered an area of 1,412.29 square miles. The hill station has 51 village tracts and 337 villages. The Daung Hill station is only 200 miles from Yangon, the capital of Myanmar and hence is easily accessible from the capital. This is an amazing spot in southern Myanmar, one of the most picturesque with lush green vegetation.

Tea is grown on the hill station by the Kayins, an indigenous race living in this region of Myanmar. About 700 acres of land is covered by tea cultivation on Daung Hill. The Thang Daung hill station can be reached by road through Taungoo by car. While traveling through the road, you will discover that not only the destination but even the journey was worth it. Taungoo is the ancient capital of Mandalay. From Taungoo you will arrive at the Bago Yoma Mountain range which is famous for teak forests and various types of wildlife species. Now you know why most of the monasteries on the Inle Lake are made from teak wood.

Pho Kyar and Sein Yay camps are places where you can stay for a short while and continue your research on wildlife and plants. You can also spot elephants at a little distance from the camp helping plumbers with the logs. In a few days time Than Daung will have a couple of resorts and hotels to accommodate more tourists. While traveling to this hill station you will notice the course of Pathi River and one of the resorts will be on the side of it.

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