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Dhammayangyi Temple : An Examp leof Refined Brickwork

Dhammayangyi Temple : An Examp leof Refined Brickwork
Dhammayangyi Temple


Bearing a striking resemblance to the Ananda Temple, the Dhammayangyi Temple serves as one of the hugest structures in Bagan, Myanmar. King Narathu, also known as Kalagya Min had built it at the eastern side of Shinbinthalaung and Shwesandaw.

The king had ascended the throne after assassinating his own father after which he built this temple. One of the most interesting beliefs associated with the erection of the monument is that he had supervised the entire construction work by himself and made sure that the masons were put to death even if a needle could be inserted between the bricks, laid by them. So, it usually meant that even if an inconsequential gap could be traced in the mortarless brickwork, it would have been assumed that the workers were inefficient and that they would have been punished by death, eventually. He could not complete the construction of this temple as he had been assassinated before that.

There are 2 ambulatories within. The brick rubble covers almost the whole of the interior passage– centuries ago. There were 4 Buddha sanctums- out of which 3 were occupied by bricks.

The mortarless intertwined brickwork at Dhammayangyi is counted among the best in Bagan. The structure can be viewed through an archway. The past and future Buddhas are represented by the images of Gautama and Maitreya placed beside each other in the western shrine.

The hidden stairways and the highest of terraces are not accessible to viewers any more. The top of the passage features some stucco paintings.

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