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Entertainment And Nightlife

The concept of late night entertainment is not developed in Myanmar. However, Yangon does have its own charms and the capital city offers a semblance of night time entertainment too, although it is not quite up to the standard of the nightlife of Thailand. Hanging out at home or gossiping in teashops and places serving soft drinks and beverages are the amin forms of entertainment for the youth in Myanmar. The bars and restaurants usually do not operate beyond midnight due to government restrictions.

Here is a list of the things that you can expect from Myanmar when it comes to entertainment:


Fashion Shows

Models sashaying down the ramp, wearing indigenous Burmese clothing passes for entertainment in a number of restaurant, bars and discotheque in Myanmar, notably Yangon.



The nightlife of the country is more or less dependent on the discos, operating in the evening. The music here is lively and there are plenty of pretty Burmese girls who are seen dancing here.


The Burmese music is sophisticated and sound soft. It is harmonious but may not appeal to the Western tourist as much on account of the different scales and octaves used. The Western tourists often find it to be harsh and repetitive. However, several Rock Music shows are held to attract the foreign tourists especially along the Inya Road and University Avenue Road of Yangon.


The traditional Burmese dance forms are performed by single females who wear strikingly colorful outfits in order to entertain their audience with indigenous dance forms. The most common dance is the zat pwe which involves retelling of the tales from Jataka, the Buddhist legends while the Yamazat is based on the Hindu epic of Ramayana. Classical dances are performed at the National Theater of Yangon periodically. Shorter versions of these dances are often seen in restaurants and clubs that cater to the tourists.

Chorus songs and dances known as the nyeint pwe are usually more acceptable o the Western tourists as they resemble the American vaudeville in style.


The cultural isolation of Myanmar has not succeeded in keeping karaoke away. There are many bars around the country that provide the rustic karaoke type of entertainment. A miniscule number provide entertainment for the entire family though. Most of them cater to middle-aged men who sit around with the girls, often from poor families, and enjoy the music while screaming out the romantic ballads at the top of their voices. The girls are employed by the Karaoke bars and do not go out with their patrons. However, a few of these bars stay open for business long after midnight.


Most of the bars that serve alcohol are attached to the high end hotels and restaurants. However, a few operate independently as well and are found in downtown, Yangon.


Myanmar is not Thailand. There presently are few nightclubs in Myanmar with most of them being in Yangon. Some hotels such as Asian Plaza, Park Royal and Sedona Hotel have nightclubs operon their premises.  Taxi drivers, conversant in English, are a source for other nightclubs which may be welcoming to foreigners.  This is definitely a potential growth field for enterprising entrepreneurs. That said, here is a list of popular nightclubs:


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