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Htilominlo Pahto: An Astounding Piece of Bagan Art

Htilominlo Pahto: An Astounding Piece of Bagan Art

Htilominlo Pahto

Htilominlo Pahto or the Htilominlo Temple is located in Bagan (formerly known as Pagan). The Buddhist temple is alternately known as Nandaungmya and was built during the reign of King Htilominlo during the year 1211. The Bagan masterpiece was primarily created to reminiscence his selection as the crown prince from among five other sons (or hopefuls).

Built on a low platform the temple makes for a large three story red brick structure along with a touch of stone. The masterpiece was originally adorned with carved white stucco. Today, though you will only be able to view just the bare remains of the exquisite details, you cannot help but wonder what the temple actually looked like when it was covered entirely with stucco. Like most of the other Bagan masterpieces, this one also suffered damages of an earthquake, only to be restored later. Htilominlo was damaged by an earthquake in the year 1975. The restoration process continued from 1976- 1979.

The square base of the temple is 140 feet on each side and its design is quite similar to that of the earlier Sulamani Pahto that was built by the ruler’s father. However, compared to Sulamani the lower ambulatory of this structure (read Htilominlo) offers a greater feel of verticality.

There are spires or stupas that grace the corners of the second and third levels of the receding square terraces.

Four statues of Buddha facing each direction are placed at the first floor. The entrance hall of the main shrine is extended to the eastern side.

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