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Kusinara Pagoda – Mandalay Attractions

Kusinara Pagoda – Mandalay Attractions

Kusinara Pagoda

When you arrive in Mandalay, it’s like going back five decades in time as you watch dilapidated buses moving slowly on wide boulevards, monks pad through dusty courtyards and men riding cycle along the road. It’s an extremely peaceful city dotted with pagodas and set against the backdrop of the lush green slopes of Mandalay Hill.  The serenity of the place may as well be attributed to the strong religious presence in the region. The city can be referred to as the religious seat of the country as it is the home of the majority of the monks and nuns in the country.


The city and its suburbs are home to numerous Buddhist temples. But if you do not have much time of your hands, the you may as well skip the smaller ones and settle for the interesting ones. The Kusinara Pagoda will surely feature high on the list of interesting sites as it is almost a century old. Comprising a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha and adorned with highly decorative walls, this pagoda will surely impress you with its beauty and serenity.


It is said to be one of the best kept secrets of the city of Mandalay as it was excavated just a few years back from layers of dust and mud. A monk was said to have showed the site to the manager of the Mandalay Hill resort in 2006 after which a team of 50 people was employed to dig the site. The digging uncovered intricate carvings and patterns along with a seven meter long reclined statue of Lord Buddha, which was covered in gold leafs.

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