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Lemyethna Temple: A Few Facts

Lemyethna Temple: A Few Facts

Lemyethna Temple

The Lemyethna Temple, situated in the north of Minnanthu, perhaps stands out owing to its single-storeyed- structure representing the Late Style. It’s alternately known as the Temple of Four Faces with porches protruding from all four sides. This is one of the airier temples, built by a minister at the court of King Htilominlo in the 13th century. His name was Lemyethna.

Just like the earlier styled temples, the Lemyethna Temple is also graced by stupas at the corners and receding terraces. There is curvilinear spire on top the superstructure, which has crenellated parapets as well.

Lemyethna had built this specimen, along with his wife in the year 1223. Here is what the inscription, left by them, says:

“Upon a fine platform we built a temple. To enshrine in that temple we encased the holy relics in a sandalwood casket, placed it in a crystal casket, then a red sandalwood casket, then a gold casket, then a silver casket, and lastly into a miniature stone pagoda, the spire of which was made of gold and the golden umbrella of which was hung with pearls and coral. In the chamber of the temple we made four images of the Lord placed back to back and facing the cardinal points, and made them shine wondrously with gems. Many more images were placed around the walls. On the walls were beautifully painted scenes from the 500 Jatakas…” And for this act of merit Anandathura made the prayer: ” I too desire the boon of becoming an Omniscient Buddha, knowing thoroughly and seeing widely.” (

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