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Mandalay Fort – Mandalay Attractions

Mandalay Fort – Mandalay Attractions

Mandalay Fort

Mandalay Fort is one of the significant buildings of Myanmar. As a supreme artistic specimen, this fort not only upholds the Burmese’ respect for their culture but also acts as a primary tourist draw. The fort had been constructed in the year 1857- just before the British set their foot on the soils of this country. The British had taken it over to rename it as Fort Duffrin. The wall and moat of the Mandalay is at the city centre. It’s a square fortress—each of whose sides measures 2 km in length. The fort has an average thickness of 2 m and a height of 8 m.

Some of the forts were seriously affected by the struggle between the Japanese and the British soldiers during World War II. In fact the entire palace and the fortress, except and the wall and the moat bear signs of the fierce war between these two nations.

In spite of a string of artistic temples and buildings, Myanmar has not been able to draw as many tourists as it should have. This can be attributed to the lack of government support as well. A large part of the economy to steer tourism is drawn from the paltry admission fees to the temples and fortresses.

A good view of the entire palace (its roofs) can be secured once you get up on the high Nan Myint Saung tower (33 meters high). The tower can be reached by means of spiral staircase. The pulverized parts were somewhat being restored by the iron corrugated roofs.

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