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Shwezigon Paya: Grandeur at its Best

Shwezigon Paya: Grandeur at its Best

Shwezigon Paya

Touted as one of the most important buildings in Bagan, Myanmar- the golden Shwezigon Paya serves as the immediate connection between the Theravada Buddhism and the traditional Burmese religion. It was modeled on the significant stupas erected around the country, which heralded the all important connected between these two religions.

King Anawrahta had built it during the 11th century. He was one of the few leading exponents of Theravada Buddhism in the country. He had completed building the three terraces of this temple before a wild buffalo killed him during the year 1077.

The 37 nats or spirits that occupied a place of paramount importance in the Buddhist religion, had been featured in this temple. These nats grace the southeastern part of the temple. They are placed in a hall. The figures except that of Thagyamin are not original.

The temple, at once, has a bevy of attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your visit here:

The heavily inscribed pillars of the outer monuments, on the eastern side of the complex, represent the history of the Mon language

The outer wall is about 750 inch each side has four gates in total. The wall itself consists of stupas, shrines and other structures

There are three square shaped terraces which can be accessed from the primary points and represent the usual Jataka tales- a part of almost every Myanmar attraction

The golden bell adorning this sandstone architecture is about 160 feet high with diverse bases- an immediate octagonal base, and a square base.

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