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Sulamani Guphaya Temple: Some Facts

Sulamani Guphaya Temple: Some Facts

Sulamani Guphaya Temple


The Sulamani or Sulamani Guphaya Temple is situated in the Minnanthu village in the southwestern part of Bagan, Myanmar.  Built in the year 1183 by King Narapati Sithu, this temple remains one of the premier attractions of Bagan.

The name of the temple means “small ruby” or “crowning jewel”. The complex of the temple actually consisted of a huge number of connected buildings such as the monks’ cells, lecture and ordination hall, a library etc. This temple, like many the other ones built by King Narapati was believed to have been built because he wanted to atone for a few of his misdoings.

The structure

The refined brickwork is one of the premier features of this temple modeled on various other notable structures like the Htilominlo, Dhammayangyi and Thatbyinnyu temples. The stone work on the exposed external corners as well as in the load-bearing areas is also worth beholding for eternity.

All the ascending squares have pilasters wrought in the form of stupas and a wonderfully designed sikhara that had been restored after the July 1975 earthquake. Other important features of the overall structure are:

  • Terrace moldings
  • Lustrous roundels
  • Panels
  • The 12th to 19th century stuccoes in the inner ambulatory
  • Paneled Plinths
  • The wall guarding the complex are adorned intricate paintings as well.

This architecturally refined structure had been rebuilt in the year 1994. Even a casual browsing of the pictures of the Sulamani Guphaya Temple bespeaks the supreme craftsmanship shaping this grand structure.


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