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Myanmar Population: 61 or 51 million?


The last census was done about three decades ago and since then population estimates were based on forecasts derived from birth and death rates. The national census, completed this last April showed there were 51.4 million Myanmar nationals living within its borders. While that census included diplomats living abroad, it didn’t include students or migrants workers living outside of Myanmar. ... Read More »

Skyrocketing Real Estate Prices in Yangon (updated)


Skyrocketing real estate prices in Yangon have resulted from a mis-match between supply and demand.  Land prices in Yangon reached $1,500 per square foot in downtown Kyauktada township which is near Sule Pagoda. In some townships prices have increased ten- fold since 2007. The highest value currently in Yangon is in Bahan Township (also known as Golden Valley), Other expensive ... Read More »

Norway to Invest More in Myanmar


A week ago Norway held a business summit in Yangon as well as in Bangkok. Both Thailand and Myanmar are key members of  the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which will begin activation in 2015. The summits highlight opportunities as well as indicate the different challenges investors face in both countries. Telenor, Statoil and Yara are major Norwegian companies currently doing ... Read More »

Thai Investors Must Conquer Perceptions


Thai investors and business people have lingering perceptions of Myanmar which often interfere with their decision to do business here. Some of those perceptions may be founded, but they should look to positive changes taking place and the time needed to do so. If that is possible, Myanmar is a land of opportunity particularly in the hotel and tourism sector. ... Read More »

Meet Arker Kyaw- Obama’s Graffiti Portraitist


Arker Kyaw, the 21 year old Myanmar graffiti artist from Dawei caught a lot of attention back in late 2012. His notoriety came from painting President Obama’s portrait on an outside wall only to have it covered up twice by authorities. Those actions cost him a 100,000 kyat ($100) fine but gained him artistic fame and “street cred”. Arker states ... Read More »

Thanintharyi Region On the Cusp of Development


The Thanintharyi region is the “long tail” in southern Myanmar bordering Thailand which includes the Mergui Archipelago. It’s coastline extends over 500 miles and with some exceptions has been largely off limits to tourists. Recently, the Ministry of Development and Welfare has reported that 16 different proposals had been recieved to build resorts on various islands in Thaninthayi. At present, tourists are coming but there are minimal ... Read More »

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