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The Thatbyinnyu Temple: Omniscience of Buddha

The Thatbyinnyu Temple: Omniscience of Buddha

The Thatbyinnyu Temple

The Thatbyinnyu Temple makes for one of the many leading masterpieces of Bagan, built during the time when King Alaungsithu was in power (i.e. 1113-1163).The two-storied temple is situated adjacent to another famous masterpiece of Bagan- Ananda Temple. The seated image of Buddha is of course, its greatest attraction amidst all the refined architectural supremacy. In fact the temple takes its name from the Omniscience of Buddha.

Though it’s a double storey building, its structure is a bit different from the later or more modern double storey temples. It’s more of a transitional arrangement placed between the later style of Gawdawpalin and the earlier style of Ananda. The architectural resemblance to that of the Ananda Temple can be noticed in the presence of porticoes on all the four sides. The eastern portico ejecting more than the others serves to disrupt the symmetry.

The retreating terraces are embellished by cornered stupas and crenellated fortifications. The temple rises to a height of about 201 feet by the virtue of a curvilinear spire that is further prevailed by a slender tapering stupa. Don’t forget to climb up the terraces of the temple as they afford a wonderful panoramic view of the entire Bagan. Get a glimpse of the spectacular greenish brown landscape, the distant hills, the countless monuments and the magnificent Ayeyarwaddy River. The monastery compound consists of two stone pillars to the south western part of the temple.

Therefore if you are visiting Myanmar anytime soon, make sure that you are sagaciously including this monument in your list of preferred attractions.

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