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Sight-seeing in Myanmar – Some Do’s & Don’ts

Myanmar is fast becoming a popular south-east Asian tourist destination. The country is mysterious and is known for its unique beauty. Myanmar offers an unending list of tourist attractions from religious sites to landmarks, monuments, museums and parks and gardens.

This amazing land is dotted with beautiful pagodas and Buddhist temples. Ananda Pahto is one of the well known temples. This lovely terraced temple with its shimmering 170 ft high corncob stands majestically in the temple complex. Shwemoktaw Paya is a large temple complex famous for its huge golden bell. It is said that this Buddhist temple was built by King Ashoka in 305BC.

Mahamuni Paya is another vast temple complex, is famous for its 13 ft high seated Buddha statue. The 6 inch figure covered with a layer of gold is a sure attention grabber

Mandalay Hill is a must inclusion in the tourist itinerary. Standing on top of the hill you can catch a bird’s eye view of the city beneath. For visitors the 45 minute barefoot climb is a thrilling experience.

Mandalay Palace is fortress whose gigantic walls encloses a royal city built before 1885.

She Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, Dhamayangyi Pahto and the Shwethalyaung Buddha are some of the top tourist attractions.

Myanmar is known as the Golden land of Buddhist temples. Unlike other south east Asian countries Myanmar is more conservative. First time travelers ought to know some of the Buddhist rules and customs particularly while visiting the pagodas or any temple complex.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts.

  • Pay respect to the temple and Buddha statues by bowing your head.
  • While taking snaps do not get too close to a Buddha statue.
  • Take off your shoes in and around the temple grounds. It is easy if you are wearing slip-ons rather than sports shoes.
  • Do not point your fingers at Buddhist statues and monks.
  • Scant or revealing clothing especially for ladies is a strict no. Do not wear shorts.  Wear a dress that covers your sleeves and extends till your knee. You may carry a scarf to cover yourself in the temple complex.
  • Honeymoon couples are advised to refrain from showing affection publicly. The simple rule is ‘Keep your hands off each other’ because you are inside a temple complex and not park.

Myanmar is a camera sensitive country. Tourists are not allowed to freely click anything and everything.

To avoid inconveniences during travel, here are a few rules for our camera toting visitors. Avoid clicking the followings.

  • Government offices like police stations and military bases.
  • Security personals (e.g. soldiers and police)
  • Offices of political parties
  • Security personals like soldiers and police
  • Any kind of political activities

Don’t try to run away or argue if you are stopped from photographing. The best way is to politely apologize.

Visitors who bear in mind and follow the simple advices in mind are sure to have a pleasant and a hassle free stay in Myanmar.









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