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Trekking in Myanmar


The beautiful land of Myanmar can be a veritable paradise when it comes to trekking. Regardless of the route you take, the journey is bound to be fraught with adventure and the scenic beauty of the roadside is sure to keep you mesmerized. It is possible to interact with the local villagers in Eastern Myanmar as well as around the Inle Lake will provide a glimpse into the unique lifestyle of the indigenous people residing in Myanmar. The Chin villages in close vicinity of Mount Victoria are popular trekking routes too and you might come across several women folk with tattoos on their faces.

Putao is regarded as a starting point for most trekking trips in Myanmar. The trek route from this area is completely natural and fraught with adventure. The small streams, pebbled fences, and creeks of stone comes as relief after the artificial luxuries associated with an urban lifestyle. Rawan, Lisu and Kachin are some of the tribes that you are likely to accost when trekking through this area. Man made suspension bridges of twine or sturdy ropes are the only means of crossing a river here. This region of Myanmar is well known for its exotic fauna and flora as well. A variety of colorful orchids including the rare Black orchid is found here while the indigenous wild life is represented by Red Pandas, Black Bears, Deers, and the Takin.

Shan State is by far the most popular choice for trekking in Myanmar. It covers Pao, Taung, Yoe, and Danu villages in the region. You are likely to come across many orchards, bamboo grooves and pine forests as you trek through the area. The temperate climate of this area helps in growing peaches, oranges, and pears while rice, tea, soya and groundnut serve as the staple crops. Staying overnight may be a problem as there are not too many hotels in the region. Many private houses as well as monasteries, however, offer accommodation and you are likely to find refuge when required.

The Golden Triangle is one of the many picturesque trekking routes which will help you to understand the culture and lifestyle of Myanmar better. It remains untouched by commercialism with many of the people following the ancient culture even in the 21st century. The starting point of your trek through this area is accessible by air from Yangon, Heho and Mandalay and you are likely to come across the villages of Akha, Lahu and Eng on the way.


The mountainous region of Myanmar is situated in the Chin State and is regarded as one of the most adventurous trekking routes of the country. Kaw Nu Symm or Mount Victoria is the highest mountain range here with its peak standing at 3100 meters above sea level. Colorful rhododendrons, alpine forests and Alpen roses dot the area making it one of the most beautiful places in the world. It lies close to the ancient and historic city of Bagan where you can replenish your supplies or take a day’s rest while trekking through.

A tour to Myanmar is not considered to be complete unless you visit the beautiful mountains of the region and trekking is the only way to get to know the country intimately.





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