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Visas & Customs

Visas and Customs

So now you have made the decision to visit Myanmar. You will need a passport from your country of citizenship and a visa issued by the government of Myanmar. As to your passport, you will first need to have at least 6 months remaining beyond the date of entry into the country.  Infants and children also require a separate visa even when traveling on a parent’s passport. Incidentally,
no vaccination is required unless you are coming from an infected area.

Tourist Visa
Allows one single stay of 28 days in Myanmar and is not extendable. The visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. The visa fee is presently about $30 usd.
Business Visa
Allows a single stay of 71 days in Myanmar and is extendable. The visa fee is presently about $40 usd.
A multiple entry business visa can be applied for up to 6 months but you must make one single business trip first. The visa fee for this particular business visa is presently $350 usd.
Social Visit Visa
Allows a stay of 28 days in Myanmar and is extendable.  Presently the fee is $40 usd.
Transit Visa
Allows a temporary stay of 24 hours in Myanmar and the fee currently is $18 usd.
Obtaining a Visa in Bangkok
The Myanmar embassy in Bangkok is located at 132 Sathorn Nua Road.
Take the Skytrain (BTS) to Surasak station. Take exit 3 and walk back along Sathorn from the station a few blocks having the Skytrain tracks on your right as you proceed.
You’ll see the one story visa/consulate section on a street to your left. Doors open from 9am to 12noon for visa application with 3:30 to 4:30pmbeing designated for pickup of completed visas only.
It is recommended you come early before doors open as there may be a line outside. Same day service will presently cost you 1,260 baht. You should be able to explain why you need same day service.
Next day service costs 1,000 baht and three day service presently runs 810 baht. Make sure you have your two passport-size photos with you.
There are visa application forms inside.
Visa on Arrival
This is issued to those who have an official letter on invitation from an established sponsor such as a company or organization. It
is advisable to have both the letter and also a copy of a document certifying that it is a regulated Myanmar entity.  The on-arrival visa form is available from all airlines serving Myanmar. Applicants may obtain the form in advance to apply for an on-arrival visa.
(Please note it may be expected that visa on-arrival could become available to all tourists in the near future).
Requirements for Visa Applicants-
(1) All applicants must have a return ticket from Myanmar.
(2) All applicants must stay at official licensed hotels, motels, resorts or guesthouses as specified on the application form.
(3) Applications must include 2 passport-size photos (4 x 6 cm) taken within the last 2 months.
(4) For social visits and business purposes, all applicants must specify the precise address of the relative, office or factory on the application form.
(5) Individual visitors or tourists must show $300 usd cash as evidence of sufficient funds. Show $600 usd for families.
(6) Visitors are not allowed to visit restricted areas. Such visits require notification in advance.

(Please note that some of these restrictions/requirements have been recently liberalized. Check with your visa provider or Myanmar consulate for the latest details).

– For additional visa information or services to utilize for obtaining a visa go to: (worldwide service) (Myanmar embassy in the US ) (Myanmar embassy in Thailand) (in the US) (in the US)
Import Rules & Limitations
– 2 cartons of cigarettes
– 100 cigars
– 250g of tobacco
– 2 liters of alcohol liquor
– 150ml of perfume or eau de cologne
– Must declare currency exceeding $2,000 usd (or equivalent)
– Electrical and electronic goods not more than $500 usd in value

Export Rules & Regulations

– Gem stones (set or not set)
– Jewelry
– Silverware
– Handicraft
….all of the above will be allowed for export upon production of a special receipt issued by an authorized dealer.
The following items are not allowed to be taken out of the country:
– Antiquities
– Archeologically valuable items
– For additional immigration or customs information go to: or to
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