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Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery – Mandalay Attractions

Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery: The Brick Spectacle


The Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery alternately and more well-known as the Brick Monastery or the Me Nu Oak Kyaung monastery had been built in the year 1818 by Nanmadaw Me Nu, the Chief Queen of King Bagyidaw. Counted as among the finest brick building adorned with stucco and flora, this monastery had been demolished in the earthquake of 1838 but had been reconstructed or repaired in the year 1873- the initiative being led by Queen Sin Phyu Ma Shin. After this monastic building was built, it was donated to Nyaunggan Sayardaw U Po, the royal abbot. Around a thousand of Buddhist monks practice their daily routines here allowing tourists or visitors a glimpse of their daily lives. As a tourist, you might as well be able to take a walk round the monastery and view the everyday lives of the monks.

While two giant guardian lions welcome you at the entrance, the curious alignment of the pillars and chambers only serve to bolster the inherent mystic feel inside the building. These are the Burmese mythological lions that protect the monastery as is the case with most other monasteries in the country. The reason why this monastery stands out is because it was made of brick. In those days it was almost customary to build wooden monasteries. The Maha Aung Mye Bon Zan Monastery filled with stucco sculptures, however, retained the overall structure of the wooden monasteries. Its multi tiered along with the stucco adornments resemble the wood carvings.

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