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Mandalay Hill: Exploring the Magic of Mandalay – Mandalay Attractions

Mandalay Hill: Exploring the Magic of Mandalay


Mandalay Hill is a 240 meter hill situated towards the northeast city center of Mandalay, Burma. The city actually has got its name from this hill which is renowned for the plethora of monasteries and pagodas. It serves as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the entire country. The hill top gives a panoramic view of the entire Mandalay city and that itself can work as an incentive for you to visit the hill at least once. The hill extends from north to south with its altitude being 236.5 meters.

The most interesting feature of this hill is that it’s surrounded by nine satellite hills namely:

  • Shwe Taung (The Golden Hill)
  • Ngwe Taung (the Silver Hill ),
  • Paddamya Taung (the Ruby Hill )
  • Hse-dan Taung (the Hill of Arsenious trisulphide)
  • The Myin Thila Taung (the Hill of Arsenic trisulphide)
  • the Dokhta Hill ( the Hill of Blue vitriol)
  • Ye-hle Taung ( the Hill of Whirling Water),
  • The Kye-ni Hill ( the Copper Hill )
  • Baluma Taung ( the Hill of the Ogress )

The Ye-hle Taung hill is named thus because in the rainy season the rain water flowed down like a funnel in the east after whirling. The Ruby hill derives its name from the fact that a ruby had been discovered in that hill, while the Baluma Taung is called thus owing to the popular belief that Ogress Sanda Mukhi made her dwelling near the small hill in a passage way.

As per customs, the entrance stairway is duly protected by two Chinthes that are generally found guarding most of the Burmese monasteries. There is an image of the Lord Buddha standing at the top of the hill where he had, reportedly, made a prophecy. This image had been built by King Mindon.

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