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Mandalay Marionettes Theater: Reviving a Dying Art

Mandalay Marionettes Theater: Reviving a Dying Art


Puppetry is almost considered to be a dying art owing to the lack of patronage in the modern days. But it did play a very important role in the past whereby this art was considered a medium of education for the viewers. Current affairs, history, literature, lifestyle, customs, traditions- people were made aware of everything through this art. The Mandalay Marionettes Theater is mainly the result of the tireless efforts of a group of professional artists who got together to revive this dying art.

The marionettes, besides, educating people about the aforementioned aspects, also served as their mouthpieces during the times of royalty regarding matters of social affairs. The eminent artists, fortunately, got together to stage a show for the Mandalay visitors and to take the audience through the journey of the ancient Burmese art and culture. The theatre had been “organized” by two passionate puppetry exponents- Mrs. Naing Yee Mar and Mrs. Ma Ma Naing. Mrs. Naing Yee Mar had learned about Myanmar Puppetry from researcher Dr. Tin Maung Kyi, while Mrs. Ma Ma Naing, herself is the daughter of U Thein Naing. Naing had penned the Burmese Puppet Theatre that was published in Yangon in the year 1966.

These two female founders came across two Puppet artists U Mya Thwin and U Pan Aye and had embarked on the venture of bringing this old art back to the visitors. U Mya Thwin had passed away in 1995. If you are in Myanmar, this can turn out to be an interesting place for you to visit along with your family.

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