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Mandalay Palace – Mandalay Attractions

Mandalay Palace – Mandalay Attractions


The Mandalay Palace or Mya Nan San Kyaw as it was known formerly stands as the last emblem of the Burmese royalty as this is the last palace to be built by the monarchy. The construction of the palace took place between 1857 and 1859 when King Mindon declared Mandalay to be the new royal capital. The Mandalay Palace has been constructed in conformance to the traditional Burmese design of palaces. The palace is situated inside a walled fort encircled by a moat. All the buildings constituting the palace are of one storey in height.

The Mandalay Palace served as the residence of the last two kings of Myanmar, King Mindon and King Thibaw. It ceased to be the seat of royal power when Burma Field Force troops entered the complex during the Third Anglo-Burmese War and took the royal family hostage.  Currently, the Mandalay Palace stands as an emblem of the country’s rich history and is one of the chief attractions in the country.

The palace compound comprises a number of buildings. These include:

  • The Supreme Court Building
  • The Watch Tower
  • The Tooth Relic Tower
  • The Glass Palace
  • Royal Mausoleums
  • The Lion Throne Room
  • The Great Audience Hall
  • The Golden Palace Monastery 

The Mandalay Palace is located at the north end of the city and lies between the 12th street in the north and the 26th street in the south. So if you are in Mandalay, then do not miss this royal opportunity to catch a glimpse of the palace.

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