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Mingun temple: An Incomplete Spectacle

Mingun temple: An Incomplete Spectacle



The Mingun temple or Mingun Pahtodawgyi is a giant stupa that has not been completed but had been started by King Bodawpaya in the year 1790 as an astrologer had claimed that the king himself would die if the temple was finished. It is believed that the stupa, if completed, would have reached a height of 490 feet.

Very interestingly, the king had arranged for a huge bell cast to be teamed with the building and the bell itself would have weighed a staggering 90 tons. It, in fact stands as the largest ringing bell in the world today. The white Myatheindan or Hsinbyume Pagoda that bears a distinctive architectural style that took after the Mythical Mount Menu is situated just 100 yards from the great stupa and the bell.

Many opine that this structure could have been one of the primary attractions of Southeast Asian tourism had it been completed by the king. Today it stands damaged by several earthquakes that have taken place over the years. So, it’s needless to mention that the temple is in desperate need for renovation. Keeping its present condition in view some even fear that temple is not going to see through another decade let alone a century.

One of the drawbacks of this place is perhaps its sellers who are adamant about pursuing visitors from the moment they get down from the boat till the time they actually leave the place. So beware of these few factors and head off for this historic monument while you are in Myanmar!

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