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Hotels in Taunggyi – Myanmar

Hotels in Taunggyi – Myanmar

Diamond Star Guest House
Propriter: Gopinath Patra
Bali Sahi, Near Shree Jagannath Temple
Contact No_ 9937623631
Puri Odisha.

Shwe Oo Min Pagoda Street, Pindaya,
Southern Shan State, Union of Myanmar
Tel: +95.81. 66166 ( Pindaya Office )
+95.81. 66266
Fax: +95.81. 66266 ( Pindaya Office ),
+95.81.60410 ( Aungban Office )

Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort
Adress: Pyi Htaung Su St., Ayetharyar Myo Thit, Taunggyi
0Telephon: 208005 or call 208014

Cherry Queen
Adress: 696, Myint Mo St, Nyaung Phyu Sa Khan Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 09-5214907 or call 205200, 205100

Eastern Hotel
Adress: 27, Bogyoke Rd, Nyaung Shwe Haw Kone Ward Taunggyi
Telephon: 22243, 22729

Hotel Emperor
Adress: 31, Corner of Bogyoke Rd, & Naer Pwat Kyaung St, Kan Out Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 23737, 23738

Hotel Heart Hom
Adress: 9-A, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Pyi Taw Thar Ward, Tauggyi
Telephon: 22604

Adress: 157, Khwar Nyo Lane, Pyi Taw Thar Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22009, 23586

Khemarat Motel
Adress: 4-B, Bogyoke Rd, Pyi Taw Thar Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22464

Myit Shwe Li
Adress: 189, Anaw Yahtar Lane, Pyi Taw Thar Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 23300

Namt Khone
Adress: 258 Mya Kan Thar St, Nyaung Shwe Haw Kone Ward Taunggyi
Telephon: 21397 or call 24308

November Hotel
Adress: 5-B, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Nyaung Phyu Sa Khan Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon : 24317 or call 22107, 23134

Nyein Chan Hotel
Adress: Nya-375, Nyaung Pin Thar Lane, Nyaung Phyu Sa Khan Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 23282, or call 25337

Saung Cherry Hotel
Adress: 88/89, Corner of Cherry St & Nagar Pwat Kyaung St.,Kan Out Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22455, 25072

Sun Min Hotel
Adress: 137, Bogyoke Aung San Rd.,Myoma Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22353, 23464 or call 22909

Sweet Dream Hotel
Adress: 128, Trade St.,Kan She Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 23416, 23058

Taunggyi Hotel
Adress: Shu Myaw Khin Lane, Forest Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 21127, 21303 or call 21601

Taunggyi Mann Hotel
Adress: La-12, Tapin Shwehti Land, Lan Ma Taw Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 21875, 23865

Than Lwin Hotel
Adress: 289, Bogyoke Rd, Myoma Ward, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22175

Adress: 112, Maha Bandula Lane, Nyaung Shwe, Taunggyi
Telephon: 22355, 200660

Royal Motel
Adress: 136, Sat San tun Lane, Lan Ma Taw Ward, Tauggyi
Telephon: 22536

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