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Yangon Introduction

Yangon, formerly Rangoon is the commercial hub of Myanmar. Yangon was the capital of Myanmar till 2006 when the capital was sifted to Naypyidaw. Located at the southern banks of River Irrawady, 40 kilometers from the Gulf of Martaban, Yangon is the largest of all the cities in Myanmar. Yangon people experience a warm and humid climate with generous downpour throughout the year. The city is actually encircled by delta alluvium. The modern town of Myanmar was constructed on the alluvium surrounding the city.

Cantonment is the heart of the city which was planned by the British and is build following a system of blocks each measuring 860ft×800ft interconnected with streets running east to west and north to south. With the increase in population, the city experienced expansion in all quarters. Most of the buildings in the city center are erected by bricks reaching up to 4 stories. The Yangon General Hospital, Office of Ministers, and the Law Courts are old structures from the colonial times. The Institute of Medicine, Yangon Institute of Technology and the Secretariat Building are examples of modern architecture.

The greatest landmark of Yangon is an ancient Buddhist Temple atop a hill in the Cantonment region known as the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. The Pagoda looks striking with gold covered structure build by bricks. It is visible from the outskirts of the city standing tall at a height of 326 ft. Other significant religious landmarks include the Sule and Botataung pagodas and the World Peace Pagoda.

Yangon has an effective transport system with buses running through most the busy quarters as well as boat service connecting certain parts of the city. The major public industries in Yangon are soap, textile, metal and rubber. Rice mills are also active in the region. The food processing industry is a small one privately owned. The markets, offices, brokerage houses, shops, banks and trading companies are all situated in the center of the city. Most of the tourist attractions in Yangon include museums, like the National Museum of Art and Archaeology, Aung Sang Museum and Botanical and Zoological gardens and the famous Royal Lake.



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