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Aung San Su Kyi House – Yangon Attractions

Aung San Su Kyi House – Yangon Attractions

Aung San Su Kyi House

Aung San Su Kyi is synonymous with Myanmar. She is an iconic figure known across the globe as one of the prominent revolutionary leaders of Burma. She has spent more than 20 years of her life fighting for Myanmar’s free democracy. The house located at 51 University Avenue is undoubtedly an important historical site. It is here that Aung San Su Kyi was kept under house arrest by the Burmese military junta until her final release on November 2010. She is also the leader of the National League of Democracy and a Nobel Prize Laureate.


She is revered and respected worldwide for her work and travelers, who visit Yangon, cannot leave without once visiting her house. The house signifies her presence and allure. It is a huge mansion built in a colonial style standing alone under a shaded tree. Till some years back, during Aung San Su Kyi’s house arrest, the University Avenue was barricaded and guarded by security police. Today the barricade is no longer there but instead the compound walls are filled with political posters. The high compound wall makes it impossible for the visitors to catch a glimpse of the house.


Visiting this house requires a short 10 minute detour on way to the airport. It is indeed worth a visit to feel the spirit and the zeal of the firebrand revolutionary leader – Aung San Su Kyi.

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