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Bogyoke Aung San Museum – Yangon Attractions

Bogyoke Aung San MuseumYangon Attractions

Bogyoke Aung San Museum

Bogyoke Aung San Museum is one such place in Myanmar where you will come to know about General Aung San who was the founder of modern Myanmar. This museum is dedicated to the General and Bogyoke in Myanmar language means The General. Bogyoke Aung San Museum was established in the year 1962. This 2 storied building was formerly the last residence of the General before he was assassinated in July 1947. The eminent Aung San Suu Kyi is the daughter of General Aung San who had grown up in this house as a child and shared the history of Myanmar with her father.

The building is styled as a colonial villa constructed in 1921. Now, it exhibits different objects related to the adult life of General Aung San. The Bogyoke Aung San Museum displays furniture, family photos, clothing, and books from the General’s life to provide a glimpse to the life of this great personality. The late General’s car is also displayed in the museum.

Bogyoke Aung San Museum is a part of the much coveted Yangon City Heritage List. Previously it was only open on the Martyr’s Day on 19th July from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. However, it was formally opened for the public on 24th March, 2012. In the ground floor you will find photos of the General right from his student days to his political career, excerpts from his speech, a lighter and the car he was travelling on the fateful day. The upper floors have library, meeting room and Aung San Su Kyi’s bedroom. There is a garden where you will find a bronze sculpture of the General involved in gardening. Admission fee for each person is $2 and it remains open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9-5.

Address               25, Bo Gyoke Museum Ln, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

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