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Drug Elimination Museum – Yangon Attractions

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Drug Elimination Museum 

The Drug Elimination Museum at Yangon Myanmar was opened in a ceremony that took place on 26th June, 2001. It is situated at the corner of Hanthawady Road and Kyundaw Road in Kamayut Township, Yangon. Located near an old cemetery, this museum covers 3 floors and is dedicated to the International day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The government had started building this museum from the late 1990s in their efforts to prove how serious they were in steering the battle against addiction. Myanmar along with Laos and Thailand forms the nefarious Golden Triangle, which is among the biggest opium producing areas in the world. The international pressure to check the methamphetamine and poppy production has met with varying degrees of success, as well.


The Drug Elimination Museum at Yangon Myanmar is hailed as one of the special attractions of Myanmar. A round of the entire museum would actually help you come across a number of interesting relics including photographs of trade route maps, drug seizures, effects of drugs on human beings, examples of marijuana and opium plants etc.

The dark room at the ground floor is the real highlight of museum. Here, visitors are welcomed with grisly pictures of drug-affected human beings. Then there is a mechanical representation of what happens to you in case you take drugs, whereby these artificial hands emerge from the ground trying to reach out to you in a bid to engulf you with a roaring sound being played for the entire time.

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