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Htwe Oo Myanmar – Yangon Attractions

Htwe Oo Myanmar

Htwe Oo Myanmar

Htwe Oo Myanmar is a traditional puppet theater based in Yangon, Myanmar. What sets Htwe Oo Myanmar apart from other puppet theater groups is the fact that the male and female puppets are controlled by puppeteers of the same gender. For example, a male puppet is manipulated by a man whereas a female puppet is operated by a woman.  Therefore, one can easily see the true feelings of the puppet reflected through the expressions of the puppeteers.


In an Htwe Oo Myanmar show, there are a whole lot of things to look forward to.  These include performances such as the dance of the prince and the chorus dance of the equestrian princes in which as many as four puppets are used at a time. Then one can also view a romantic duet of the puppets which brings to the fore the control and deftness of the puppeteers in their craft.


The performances are mostly based on stories that are widely known and understood. The theater strives to preserve, revive, advance and promote the puppet theater of Myanmar, which constitutes one of the important elements of the country’s culture and heritage.  The theater intends to entertain the local and foreign tourists in the country and make them aware of this local craft and at the same time ensure that veteran puppeteers who are masters of the craft can pass on their skills to the next generation.


So if you are planning a trip to Yangon, then do not miss the opportunity to catch a show of Htwe Oo

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