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Kyauk Daw Kyi Pagoda – Yangon Attractions

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Kyauk Daw Kyi Pagoda

Kyauk Daw Kyi Pagoda is located in Insein Township and is at a distance of 10 miles from Yangon.  It is the biggest pagoda in North Yangon close to the airport. The major attraction is the big statuette of Buddha made of white marble stone kept in the temple’s main praying hall.


The Buddha statuette is covered with a glass covering to keep it safe from abrasions resulting from dust and heat. The temple exterior art and architecture is golden with three steeples atop. The ceiling of the pagoda has a golden and red panting of the seated Buddha.


The archetypal Lion and Serpent (Naga) decorates the Kyauk Daw Kyi pagoda stairs leading to the main temple entrance, as lions are considered to be holy guardians. The statue of Buddha is carved out of a huge block of marble stone in Mandalay with the head being oversized as compared to the whole body. It is 37 feet tall and weighs more than 600 tons. The pagoda also has traditional paintings framed in golden border illustrating important historical events such as Buddha being floated to the nearby Yangon River. Foreign visitors to the pagoda need to pay an entry fee.


Visitors can take a train from central Yangon, stop at Insein station and walk up to the pagoda. Alternatively, they can also take the Insein Butaryon Road, to where the Lanthit Road turns right and then turn right on Min Dhama Road. The pagoda is also known as the White Elephant Pagoda.



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