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Memorial to the Forgotten War – Yangon Attractions

Memorial to the Forgotten War – Yangon Attractions

Memorial to the Forgotten War

The Taukkyan War Cemetery is referred to as the Memorial to the Forgotten War located in the city of Yangon, which was formerly known as Rangoon. Taukkyan is actually the name of the village which is home to this cemetery about 35 kilometers north of the city. PY1 Road is the exact location of the Taukkyan War Cemetery. Since it is only 15 kilometers from the airport, visitors driving inward to the city can see it while on the journey.

The Rangoon Memorial as it is locally known is the final resting place of 27,000 soldiers from the Commonwealth who laid their lives during the campaigns. These soldiers had remained unidentified post war and have been buried in this ground. It was designed by Mr. H.J. Brown, ARIBA and was inaugurated by General Sir Francis Festing, GCB, KBE and DSO on 9th February, 1958 when it was opened for the public.

The Taukkyan Cemetery is one of the 3 largest war cemeteries in Myanmar. The work on this cemetery began in the year 1951 to make places for the martyrs from 4 battlefields which include Sahmaw, Meuktila, Mandalay and Akyab. There is also the Chindit cemetery containing the bodies of soldiers who died in the battle for Mytkyina. The graves of soldiers have been preserved separately to commemorate the war heroes in these battles.

The cemetery is the resting place of 6,374 dead soldiers from Commonwealth during World War II among which 867 graves have remained unidentified. In the year 1952 bodies of Commonwealth servicemen who laid their lives during World War I was also brought in at the cemetery from different cemeteries from across Myanmar. The cemetery is also home to 1000 casualties of World War II and it also memorializes 45 Commonwealth servicemen whose bodies could be brought into this grave.

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