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Nawaday Art Gallery – Yangon Attractions

Nawaday Art Gallery – Yangon Attractions

Nawaday Art Gallery

The capital city of Yangon is not only about pagodas and temples. It has much more to it. The Nawaday Art Gallery is one such tourist hotspot. Located at Nawaday Alley between the Sule Paya Lan and Bo Yar Nyunt Lan in Dagon Township, Yangon this small but impressive arty nook is a sure lure for travelers. It is the place where people come together and share their views and admiration for art and culture. It is a popular hub for the Myanmar Art Community and if you are an ardent art lover you will love this place.


Ko Pyay Way is the owner of this small and friendly place. The word ‘Nawaday’ means a new day. The gallery is basically a garden with numerous fruit and rare trees where artists can exhibit their work. Ko Pyay with his friendly nature goes that extra mile to motivate the artists and generate a broader international audience for their work. Open mic nights are held in the gallery where poets, writers, musicians and artists come together to perform and have fun.


Apart from the huge collection of the library, this gallery also houses an online education library. This project was established in 2009 by the volunteers from Myanmar, U.S, Japan and Sri Lanka who have come together to download, organize and create a huge database for information and education.


Some of the treasures in the gallery are the portrait of General Aung San Suu Kyi’s father. Then there is a portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi made with old currency. Nawaday Art Gallery is a small place where you can come and share your knowledge about art and culture over a cup of green tea.

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