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Saint Mary’s Cathedral – Yangon Attractions

Saint Mary’s Cathedral – Yangon Attractions

Saint Mary’s Cathedral

Saint Mary’s Cathedral is located on Bo Aung Kyaw Street in Yangon and is the largest cathedral in Myanmar. Father Dominic Thet Tin is the Pastor of this cathedral and Father Paulus Eh Dho Kyaw is the Assistant Pastor. Saint Mary’s Cathedral is situated on a sprawling 15 acres of land to the east of St. Paul’s High School in Yangon. The construction work for this cathedral began in June 1895 under the expert supervision of MR. Hoyne-Fox and concluded in the year 1899 in January. The original structure was altered a little and increased another 30 feet to hold 1500 people at a time.

The Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Yangon is one of the most beautiful specimens of cathedral architecture. The structure has twin spires rising from the portico thereby setting their surmount crosses attracting visitors with the marvelous work. Father Janzen who was one of the chief forces behind the Saint Mary’s Cathedral has his grave at the entrance to the nave. The cathedral received minor damages during the severe earthquake on 5th May, 1930. Two of the vaults inside the cathedral came crashing and a few cracks had developed inside it. However, it was restored after a few months. The cathedral again sustained damages during Japanese bombings in 1941-42. All the stained glasses were blown off and had to be reconstructed.

There is a marble slab inside the cathedral which indicates the contribution of the vicariate of southern Myanmar and it was Consecrated and Dedicated on 22nd February, 1910. People congregate for Daily Masses from 6am to 5pm. Sunday Masses are summoned from 6 and 8am and 5pm. St. Mary’s Feast is celebrated on 8th December, the day of Feast of the Immaculate Conception which is attended by  Catholics from all across Myanmar.

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