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The River Valley – Yangon Attractions

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The River Valley

The River Gallery is counted amongst the top 5 art galleries in Yangon, Burma.  Its founder Gill Pattison originally hails from New Zealand but lives in Yangon. Pattison established this gallery in the year 2005, primarily, to showcase the creative talents of the younger and newer artists. He strongly believed that they deserved exposure on a wider scale and thus made an effort to bring their works to the fore through this gallery located by the banks of the Yangon River.

There are two River Galleries representing the unparalleled range of artworks of 30 emerging and prominent artists. Guests have the opportunity to try out a range of different subjects, styles and medium used by the contemporary Myanmar artists to bring their works to life, inspired by their individual visions

The gallery, located in the colonial era Strand Hotel, gives you a rare opportunity to behold the creative genius of both the established and the most promising names in the industry. Pattison strongly felt that the gallery should be named thus (i.e. River Valley) not only owing to its proximity to the Yangon River, but also because he truly believed that an artist’s vision “flowing out of the country” should be beheld by folks around the globe. In a bid to ensure a wider reach of his artists’ works, Pattison conducts exhibitions every year both at the hotel and abroad.

The exact location of this much renowned gallery is given below:

River Gallery I

Strand Hotel Annex 92 Strand Rd, Yangon

Tel (951) 243377/8/9 ext. 1810

River Gallery II

33/35, 37th and 38th Street, Yangon

Tel (951) 378617

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